Population dynamics of Tetranychus urticae and T. evansi on tomato plants (def-1) over a period of 4 weeks after mite introduction

Data sheet used in the comparisons of the number of female mites on tomato plants over week among treatments. "Exp" shows the treatment: A is Strong RI, B is Control 1, C is Control 2, D is Mild RI, E is Control 3 and F is Control 4 in Table 1 in the paper. "PotNo" and "PotNo2" show the name or the number of the trials. "DifSp" shows species of the founder females: E is T. evansi and U is T. urticae. "Female" shows the reproductive status of the founder females, unmated or mated. "Week" shows the time when the number of mites was counted. "NO" shows the number of mites. "NO2" shows the number of mites per the number of founder females.