Pre-dispersal capsule damage, seed germination and dormancy of Luehea seemannii in two forests in Panama

The dataset contains five data files of 1) number of aborted and damaged capsules, 2) number of germinants before and 3) after burial experiment, 4) number of damaged capsules from observing exposed shoots, and 5) number of seeds in damaged capsules. The data were collected both in the fields and in a growing house (germination data). There were two experimental field sites - in Gamboa (G) and in Parque Natural Metropolitano (PNM). For field experiments, five treatments were Control (no manipulation control), Exclosure (insect exclosure with net), ShamExcl (insect exclosure with cut net allowing exposure to insects), Fungicide (fungicide addition), ShamFung (water addition), and FungExcl (fungicide with insect exclosure).