Raw laser vibrometry measurements from the masker ipsi- and contralateral ears in response to spatially separated target signal and masker at varied signal-to-noise ratios (SNRs)

2018-03-30T13:25:54Z (GMT) by Norman Lee Andrew C. Mason
The target signal was broadcast from the forward location at 76 dB SPL while the masker was broadcast from a lateral position at varied intensities to achieve three SNRs (-6, 0, +6 dB). Data from different flies are found as separate Excel sheets within the data file. Effected amplitude measurements derived from the raw data are plotted in figure 7A. Figure 7 – Source data 2. Mid-angular headings from behavioural experiments. Excel file include responses to a 76 dB SPL target signal broadcast alone from the forward speaker, a masker broadcast alone from the forward speaker, and the 76 dB SPL target signal and masker broadcast at varied signal-to-noise ratios (-6, 0, +6 dB) from spatially grouped or separated speakers. Data plotted in figure 7C.