Results of NewHybrids - helleri group

Results of the pairwise hybrid test conducted in NewHybrids based on 466 amplified fragment-length polymorphism markers for the M. helleri species group. Individuals were defined as parental species (z1 or z0) or putative hybrids (unknowns; highlighted red). Columns 4 to 9 represent six admixture classes and values are the posterior probabilities of belonging to one of these classes for each individual. P1 = parental species 1; P2 = parental species 2; F1 = first-generation hybrid; F2 = second-generation hybrid; BX1 = backcross to parental species 1; BX2 = backcross to parental species 2. (a) Machilis hrabei vs. M. helleri; note that individual #25 is likely a F2 hybrid even though no mito-nuclear discordance was found (see Discussion). (b) Machilis hrabei vs. M. lehnhoferi. (c) Machilis lehnhoferi vs. M. helleri.