Data for adult body size (snout-vent length, SVL) Abbreviations of characters/columns (if not clear from their designations): No, this column is for technical purposes of the author; No_inv, inventary number (in the museum or in the working protocols of the primary researcher); ssp, subspecies/clade: 1 L. a. agilis, 3 L. a. exigua; reg3, code of the study sample as in Roitberg et al., 2015, Table 1; sta, "stages": ad adult, gr gravid, m junger adult, sub subadult, j (=juv) juvenile; NB: subadults and juveniles, as well as unsexed individuals, were excluded from all analyses in Roitberg et al. 2015; sex: 1 males, 2 females, 3 unsexed; Num , individual (study subject) number in the author's extended data base. filter_adults: 1 individuals considered as "adults" in Roitberg et al. (2015), 2 other individuals. Abbreviations of museums: mkhar, Museum of Nature, Kharkiv National Karazin University; mkiev, National Museum of Natural History Kyiv; mtd, Senckenberg Natural History Collections Dresden; zfmk, Zoological Research Museum A. Koenig Bonn; zmb, Humboldt Natural History Museum Berlin; zmh, Zoological Museum Hamburg; zsm, Zoological State Collections Munich. Comment 1. The codes “mkhar” and “mkiev” do not represent established abbreviations of the corresponding museums and used for simplicity. Comment 2. This data table does not include Sample 3 (South Sweden) and Sample 9 (Russia, Ciscaucasia 1) because for these samples we used published mean values (respectively, Olsson, 1988 and Ushkalova, 1976). Comment 3. SVL-values for Sample 4 (Poland) were obtained by extracting log(SVL)-values from published scatterplots (Borczyk & Paśko, 2011: Fig. 1, A,B) and subsequent re-calculating the raw values using the exponent function. Comment 4. SVL-values for Sample 10 (Russia, Ciscaucasia 2) and Sample 11 (Russia, Ryazan Region) were obtained from published histograms (respectively, Lukina, 1966: Fig. 22 and Zharkova, 1973: Fig. 4). Comment 5. SVL-values for the other samples are original data of the authors.