The Seoul National University Bundang Hospital Digital Mammographic Database - with Individual MC Annotations (SNUBH-MDB-mCi) See also our webpage at for updated information. For questions regarding data, e-mail: INFORMATION: 1) The size of all images are 1914 pixels x 2294 pixels. 2) This zip-file contains 49 mammograms with micro-calcifications (μCs) and corresponding annotations for individual μCs and μC clusters. - The files named as '****_i.txt' are annotation files for individual μCs and list (x,y) coordinates of each μC. - The files named as '****_c.txt' are annotation files for μC clusters and list bounding boxes of each μC cluster. A bounding box is represented as two (x,y) coordinates, upper left corner and lower right corner. - Coordinate system origin is the upper-left corner.