SOPxIM_F2 survey

2018-07-10T03:35:27Z (GMT) by Jennifer Coughlan John Willis
F2 mapping for an association between genotype at the LG8 inversion region and life history traits between annual M. guttatus (IM62) and perennial M. tilingii (SOP7). Several genotypes for markers along the length of the inversion-region are given (marker_number), followed by a region-wide genotype (IM62, SOP7, HET, or REC (recombinant)), followed by the traits measured (on the day of first flower)- FT= days til flower, FN= node of first flower, CW= corolla width, TL= tube length, ST= stem thickness, LL- leaf length, IL1= internode length between cotyledons and first true leaf, IL2= internode length between first and second true leaves, NS= number of stolons.