Seedling emergence and survival_Loranger2017

Emergence and survival_Loranger2017.csv = Comma-delimited CSV. Emergence of tree seedlings from seeds and subsequent survival through the first growing season at alpine treeline elevation in the French Alps. Seeds were sown in autumn 2013 and emergence and survival/mortality were registered weekly throughout the growing season in 2014. Date = date of monitoring FreeDays = number of days after snowmelt Block = experimental block Treat = treatments: C = Control = bare-ground plots; Sh = shading = covered by shade roofs; V = full vegetation, V2 = intermediate vegetation. Species: Lar = Larix decidua; Pic = Picea abies; Sor = Sorbus aucuparia; Pinc = Pinus cembra; Pinu = Pinus uncinata Row = row in plot Sown = number of seeds sown Dead = number of dead seedlings Alive = number of surviving seedlings Germ_All = number of germinated seedlings (including subsequently dead ones)