Seedling microhabitat for African mahogany in Benin

2016-11-26T02:06:57Z (GMT) by Jennifer L. Bufford Orou G. Gaoue
We collected four years (2004-2007) seedling and sapling microhabitat and abundance data within ten 10 x 10m plot within each of 12 population of Khaya senegalensis in Benin, West Africa. Within each plot, we collected data yearly on grass cover (%), percent plot burned, and percent cover of non-graminaceous understory species (2005-2007), and tree canopy cover (2006-2007). We also counted seedling (<2 cm) and sapling number in each plot from 2004-2006. These microhabitats data are for the same individuals as in Data 1 file (Khaya_Seedling_Demography.csv).