Shores_2019_data_Figure_2_bobcat_activity_times_temporal_overlap analysis

Data of times of species observations from game cameras from 5/1/2013 to 4/30/2016. Description of columns in .csv file: standardized clocktime: 24 hour time standardized to account for changes in daylength throughout the year; timed = standardized time in decimal degrees; timerad: standardized time in radians; zone: 1 = study areas with no resident wolf packs, 2 = study areas with resident wolf packs, species: species data contained in .csv file; imagedate = calendar date of the recorded observation, original_clocktime_dd = original clocktime, not standardized to account for changes in daylength over the course of a year, in decimal degrees; site: unique identifier for each camera location. W = study area with resident wolf packs, NW = non-wolf study areas