Short stamen function, stamen removal test data

This is a csv file containing the data on short stamen function based on treatments removing stamens in different configurations. Each row is a single flower/fruit. Column 1 specifies which geographic location the accession was originally from (see Table S1). The second column ("plant") gives a unique ID for the specific plant the flower was sampled from. Each plant received each treatment at least once. Column 3, "treatment," shows which treatment the flower received ("remall" = all stamens removed, "remnone" = no stamens removed, but stamens probed with forceps as a control; "remlong" = only long stamens removed; "remshort" = only short stamens removed; "unmanip" = unmanipulated, not touched by forceps. Column 4 ("seed set") gives the resulting number of seeds produced by that flower/fruit, and column 5 ("year") shows which year the treatment was applied (2007 was in a growth chamber, 2011 plants were put outside after treatments were applied until flowers wilted.)