Cytochrome b gene alignment (768-b with) sequenced using primers cyt b-Glu and cyt b-Thr followed Waters & Wallis (2001a). Data corresponds to single haplotypes from 38 samples of ‘Roundhead’ Galaxias individuals from the lower Clutha River tributaries: Puerua and Waiwera, 63 ‘roundhead’ galaxiids were sampled in three catchments of the Catlins region (Owaka, Waikawa and Tokanui), and 45 individuals in two catchments of the Southland Region (Mokoreta and Waimahaka) and 320 ‘roundhead’ galaxiid samples comprising G. gollumoides identified by Burridge et al. (2007) and Waters et al. (2001b) from Southland and the upper Clutha (Nevis and Von rivers), as well as G. anomalus and G. pullus from the mid Clutha (Burridge et al., 2007).