Soil Sample Data with 4 Site Codes

2019-11-22T03:27:47Z (GMT) by Seth W. Bigelow Charles Canham
Soil Sample Data documentation. 137 records, each representing a point at which soil samples were obtained. Variables are "SITECODE", "SITENUM", "TDIST" (m), "X" (m), "Y" (m), "EL.CA.MOL" (mol/m2), "EL.MG.MOL" (mol/m2), "EL.K.MOL" (mol/m2), "EX.CA.MOL" (mol/m2), "EX.MG.MOL" (mol/m2), "EX.K.MOL" (mol/m2) "SITECODE", values 1-4, is code indicating area of landscape where samples were taken. In the accompanying manuscript, corresponding locations and codes are 1=Camps Pond (A), 2=Wangum (D), 3 = #4 Trail (B), 4 = Backgate (C). "SITENUM", values 1-104 (not inclusive). SITENUM 1-18 and 52-95 are at Camps Pond. SITENUM 19-30 are at Wangum, SITENUM 31-36 are at #4 Trail. SITENUM 101 is at Backgate, and SITENUM 104 is at #4 Trail. "TDIST" indicates distance along transect, in meters. SITENUM 101 consists of two parallel transects: the first transect has distances from 0-100, and second, from 200-300 (i.e., the different transect is indicated by adding 200 to each distance along it). SITENUM 104 consists of a single 200 m transect with soil sample sites at 5 m intervals. Every record is defined by a unique combination of "SITENUM" and "TDIST". "X" and "Y" are xy coordinates (in m) where soil sample was taken. There is a unique XY coordinate reference system at each value of "SITENUM". "EL.CA.MOL" (mol/m2), "EL.MG.MOL" (mol/m2), "EL.K.MOL" (mol/m2), "EX.CA.MOL" (mol/m2), "EX.MG.MOL" (mol/m2), "EX.K.MOL" (mol/m2) are values of exchangeable calcium, magnesium and potassium.