Soil and root trait data of roaside successional gradient in Montpellier, France

Data were collected in the field on roadsides near Montpellier, South of France. Abbreviated headlines are as follows: "Roadside" = Roadside; "Plot" = Plant communities on the roadsides; "GPS_coordinates" = GPS coordinate from the selected roadsides; "Age" = Age of the roadside in years; "Mowing" = Mowing regime (M=Mown, U=Unmown); "Road_Type" = Type of roadside (E=Embankment, C=Cutting); "Clay" = Clay content in soil in %; "Silt" = Silt content in soil in %; "Sand" = Sand content in soil in %; "SOC" = Soil organic content in; "SoilN" = Soil total nitrogen content in; "CEC" = Cationic exchange capacity in; "Soil_pH" = Soil pH in water; "SoilP" = Soil available phosphorus in; "SRL" = Specific root length in m.g-1; "shannon" = Shannon index; "simpson" = Simpson index; "RNC" = Root nitrogen content in mg.g-1; "RCC" = Root carbon content in mg.g-1; "RDMC" = Root dry matter content in mg.g-1; "Dm" = Mean root diameter in mm; "RMD" = Root mass density in kg.m-3 of soil; "graminoid" = ground cover of graminoid species in %; "herbaceous" = ground cover of herbaceous species in %; "shrub" = ground cover of shrub species in %; "tree" = ground cover of tree species in %