Stable isotopic values of jaegers and their prey used in Ruffino et al. 2015 Ecography

Stable isotope values of long-tailed and parasitic jaegers' chick feathers in nothern Fennoscandian tundra. Values are arranged by year and study area. There were three study areas, scattered along a coast (Altafjord) - inland (highland tundra plateau of Joatka Reserch Area) gradient (see Figure 1 in Ruffino et al. 2015 in Ecography for details of study areas). Year 2011 was a rodent outbreak year (both Norwegian lemmings and voles) in our study areas, while in 2012 rodent abundances declined sharply. Values have been obtained after lipid extraction - Analyses were made at the Stable Isotope Laboratory of Environment Canada, Saskatoon, Canada. See also the supplementary files of Ruffino et al. 2015 for further details on how the stable isotopic analyses were conducted.