Suarez-Rodriguez and Macias Garcia JAB

This is an Excel file containing data in one spreadsheet (Sheet1). The top row contains the label of each column, and the description of each of the labels is found in columns L and M. Data correspond to 32 nests, one per row, and include the amount of cellulose fibres from cigarette butts found on the original nest lining (FL; Column D) and in the artificial lining with which the former was substituted (AL; Column C), as well as the temperature (Celsius) measured twice in two occasions (Columns E, F, G and H) and the average of each of the two occasions (Columns I and J). Column A indicates the identity number of each nest, and Column B indicates the treatment to which the nest was randomly assigned (addition of dead parasites -DE-, live parasites -LE- or no parasites -NE-).