High resolution version of Supplementary Figure 7(f). Figure S7. Thin-sections of smaller right tibia P.5021 (A–C, F), the indeterminate long bone P.5023 (D) and femur P.5023 (E). Image C is in normal transmitted, A, D and E in polarised, and B and F in polarised light using lambda compensator. A, B. Cortical bone showing parallel-fibred bone tissue subdivided by two annuli (marked by arrowheads). C. Higher magnification of the cortical bone. The bone tissue is vascularized by numerous primary vascular canals, which are oriented longitudinally or obliquely. D. Close-up view of the cortical parallel-fibred bone tissue with reticular vascularisation pattern. E. Close-up of cortex with laminar organisation of vascular spaces. F. Remnant of endosteal lamellar bone tissue (marked by arrowheads) surrounding in part the medullary cavity. PC, primary vascular canals; PFB, parallel-fibred bone.