Supplemental information to accompany the manuscript “Interactions between plants and primates shape community diversity in a rainforest in Madagascar” by James P. Herrera

2016-11-01T10:26:01Z (GMT) by James P. Herrera
This file contains the following supporting information: Appendix S1: Supplementary Information on lemur field surveys, Appendix S2 Supplemental Information on habitat sampling, List of tree species on study transects used for food by lemurs, Appendix S3 Supplemental Information on the functional traits of species in the study communities and raw data on lemur functional traits with references from the literature, Appendix S4 Supplementary Information on data processing especially estimating population density using program DISTANCE, the phylogeny of study species, computer code for the statistical environment R to replicate analyses, Appendix S5 Supplementary results including population density estimates for each study species on each transect, the results of significance tests of phylogenetic and functional structure on each transect, full results of linear mixed model analyses, Appendix S6 Supplementary Information on simulation experiments detailing the design of simulations to evaluate the statistical power of tests for phylogenetic community structure, giving the computer code to replicate the simulations in R, and detailing the results.