Table S4. Importance of primary regions of diversity of agricultural crops in contribution to regional food supplies [as measured in contribution of crops to calories (kcal/capita/day), protein (g/capita/day), fat (g/capita/day), and food weight (g/capita/day),] and total regional agricultural production [production quantity (tonnes), harvested area (ha), and production value (million US$)], averaged over years 2009-2011. Regional food supplies values (kcal or g, /capita/day) were formed by deriving a population-weighted average of national food supplies values across countries comprising each region. Regional production values were formed by summing national production values across countries comprising each region. Importance was estimated by grouping the contribution of consumed/produced crops by their primary regions of diversity. As some crops pertain to more than one primary region of diversity, total values across all primary regions per consuming/producing region is not equivalent to total per capita food supply/ total agricultural production values per consuming/producing region. Percentages provide a comparison of the relative importance of primary regions in contribution to the food supply/total production of each region.