2016-10-07T11:15:26Z (GMT) by Alice Cang Ashley Wilson John Wiens
Results for 62 species from Tree 1 of Spriggs et al. [2] for each climatic variable (MAT = mean annual temperature, Bio1; TMAX = maximum temperature of the warmest month, Bio5; TMIN = minimum temperature of the coldest month, Bio6; MAP = mean annual precipitation, Bio12), including estimated node ages, future rates of climate change projected for the year 2070 within their geographic range (for the maximum, median, and minimum estimated rate among projections: max med, min), past rates of climatic niche change based on the best-fitting model of trait evolution, absolute differences in mean values (among localities) for the climatic variables for each species pair, and differences between projected rates of climate change and the past rates of niche change.