Input file for analysis of population history in the program IMa2. The input contains 8 loci sampled from 94 individuals of Anas crecca (25 from North America, population 0; 25 from Eurasia, population 1; 44 from the Aleutian Islands, excluding Shemya, population 2). Note that the data have been filtered for recombination, and therefore, some loci have fewer than the expected number of alleles sampled. The command line for running IM was: -i Teal.3pop.8nuDNA.IMa2.infile -q 25 -m 15 -t 0.75 -b 1000000 -l 12.0 -hfg -hk 50 -hn 50 -ha 0.9 -hb 0.75 -s 7510970185 -p5 -r2 -o outfile.txt