The numbers of eggs oviposited by mothers and the numbers of daughters and sons brought up from the eggs in the intra- and inter-specific crossing between Tetranychus urticae and T. evansi.

Data sheet used in the analyses of the number of eggs, the juvenile survival rate of offspring and the female sex ratio among offsprings produced by females mated with con- or hetero-specific males or virgin females. "Name" shows the name of the pair. "Experiment" shows the pair of crossing experiment: EE is T. evansi (♀) × T. evansi (♂), EU is T. evansi (♀) × T. urticae (♂), UU is T. urticae (♀) × T. urticae (♂), UE is T. urticae (♀) × T. evansi (♂), U is virgin oviposition by T. urticae (♀) and E is virgin oviposition by T. evansi (♀). "Pfemale" shows the species of mother: E is T. evansi and U is T. urticae. "Comb" shows the crossing type: "Intra" is intraspecific crossing, "Inter" is interspecific crossing and "Unmated" is virgin oviposition. "Male" shows the number of sons. "Female" shows the number of daughters. "Deadlarva" is the number of offspring that died before developing to adult stage. "TotalEgg" shows the number of eggs oviposited by the mother.