Tooth dimension data based on museum collection specimens."ID"= Specimen number, "Side"= specimen is left ("L") or right ("R") dentary, "Origin"= collection holding specimen (AM= Australian Museum Sydney, BMNH= British Museum of Natural History, SAM= South Australian Museum Adelaide, UCMP= University of California Museum of Paleontology, QVM= Queen Victoria Museum, Inveresk, Tasmania, WAM= Western Australian Museum Perth, FU= Flinders University Vertebrate Palaeontology Laboratory Adelaide , ANWC= Australian National Wildlife Collection Canberra, NTM= Northern Territory Museum, Alice Springs, QM=Queensland Museum, Brisbane), "AW"= maximum anterior molar width, "PW"= maximum posterior width, "L"= maximum molar length, "Tooth_id" = molar tooth position, "Collector"= observer responsible for measurement (AC= Aidan Couzens, GJP= Gavin J. Prideaux).