Transcriptome coverage of the mm10 mouse reference genome across 200bp windows in ten closely related taxa and three tissues.

2016-10-28T11:18:54Z (GMT) by Rafik Neme Diethard Tautz
Transcriptome coverage of the mm10 mouse reference genome. Computed from transcriptome alignments of three populations of Mus musculus domesticus (AH from Iran, CB from Germany, MC from France), two populations of Mus musculus musculus (KH from Kazakhstan, WI from Austria), Mus musculus castaneus (TA), Mus spicilegus (SC), Mus spretus (SP), Mus mattheyi (MA) and Apodemus uralensis (AP). The first six fields correspond to the genomic location and the following each of the transcriptomes of the species mentioned here. Brain samples (pbrain), liver samples (pliver) and testis samples (ptestis), correspond to sequencing done at approximately one third of an Illumina HiSeq 2000 lane per taxon, while additional brain samples (xbrain) were done in a whole illumina HiSeq 2000 lane per taxon. Features were generated with bedtools, converted into SAF format, and extracted from BAM alignments using the featureCounts suite.