Tree Map Data Checked 2015

2019-11-22T03:27:49Z (GMT) by Seth W. Bigelow Charles Canham
The file "Tree Map Data Checked 2015.txt" provides tree map data for plots where soil samples were taken. Variables are "SITENUM", "X" (m), "Y" (m), "Z" (m), "DBH" (cm), and "SPECIES". It has original site numbers (not grouped into 4 sites, and not numbered consecutively). 1:18 - Camps Pond 19:30 - Wangum 31:36 - #4 Trail 51-98: Sites originally sampled by Feike Dijkstra, n=18, all at Camps Pond 104: Transect #1 at #4 Trail 101: “Back Gate” transects #1 and #2 X, Y, and Z are local tree-location coordinates. Each SITENUM has a common coordinate reference system. DBH is tree's breast-height diameter. SPECIES is a four-letter acronym that is a concatentation of the first two letters of the genus and species. Acronyms and associated species are given below "species","binomial" "acpe","Acer pennsylvanica" "acru","Acer rubrum" "acsa","Acer saccharum" "beal","Betula alleghaniensis" "bepa","Betula papyrifera" "bepo","Betula populifolia" "crb","Crataegus brainerdii" "caca","Carpinus caroliniana" "caov","Carya ovata" "fram","Fraxinus americana" "fagr","Fagus grandifolia" "havi","Hammamelis virginiana" "masy","Malus sylvestris" "osvi","Ostrya virginiana" "pran","Prunus angustifolia" "pprr","Picea rubens "prse","Prunus serotina" "pist","Pinus strobus" "qual","Quercus alba" "quru","Quercus rubra" "tsca","Tsuga canadensis"