Tree growth data for PRORENA plots 2008-2010

This file presents the growth data from the PRORENA field planting trials for the 87 plots used in the growth study. The field codes are as follows: SPEC_ID (the species code), TREE_ID (unique tree identification number), DIAM_2008 (Diameter in mm measured at 1.3 m high for all trees in 2008. For trees with multiple stems, the value represents the square root of the sum of all squared trunk stem diameters). DIAM_2010 (same as DIAM_2008, but for 2010), BLOCK (the treatment groups of plots), PLOT (a numeric identifier for each plot. Note that this is the same PLOT value in the spatial data of mapped canopy boundaries), ABSOLUTE GROWTH (the difference between diameter in mm between 2000 and 2010), STD.GROWTH (growth rate standardized within species by centering around the mean absolute growth rate for that species and dividing by two standard deviations of the absolute growth rate for that species), Species (the scientific name for each species).