Vachellia erioloba ant-domatia survey results

These data were collected during field work conducted at Kuzikus Wildlife Reserve (23°13'S, 18°24'E, elevation 1340m) in Namibia (for full site description see Campbell et al. 2013, African Journal of Ecology 51:590-598). Surveys were completed in April, September and October 2011 for ant occupants within swollen-thorn domatia of camelthorn trees, Vachellia erioloba. Using secateurs, branches were removed from trees and thorns opened in the field to examine the contents. Thorns were surveyed from the tip of the branch inwards towards the trunk. We recorded microsite data on branch and thorn variables, and for the contents of a thorn we recorded ant species, an estimate of number of ants at each life stage (workers, alates, queens, and brood) and other thorn occupants.