WAG model of ML tree

Based on orthoMCL clustering, 100 single copy ortholog gene groups from five fungal species were selected randomly and aligned separately using MUSCLE version 3.8.31 with default parameters. All hundred Multiple Sequence Alignments (MSA) were concatenated. Then, 1000 bootstrap replicates were performed using SEQBOOT program in Phylip package version 3.696. The maximum-likelihood tree was constructed by PhyML V3.1 (--datatype aa --model WAG --bootstrap 1000) with 1000 bootstrap replicates to infer phylogenetic relationship of Sarocladium oryzae in relation to other Ascomycetes fungi (Magnaporthe oryzae, Fusarium graminearum, Acremonium chrysogenum, and Fusarium oxysporum). The consensus tree constructed using CONSENSE in Phylip package.