Water column nutrient concentrations in response fertilizer addition

We experimentally tested the effectiveness of slow release fertilizer (Osmocote) for increasing nutrient concentrations at the scale of our replicates and not in adjacent replicates 3 m away. Plot: plot ID. nutrient trtm: nutrient treatment (Y = fertilizer satchel added; N3 is 3m away from fertilizer satchel, N7 = 7m away from satchel to measure ambient nutrient concentrations). dist.to.satchel.m = distance from fertilizer satchel in meters. init.nut.weight is dry mass of fertilizer pellets in g before placing it in the field, fin.nut.weight is final dry mass after three days at the study site. PO4.uM, SiO2.uM, and NOx.uM are nutrient concentrations measured in uM.