Ziege et al. 2016 Field data latrine survey

2016-11-03T06:30:35Z (GMT) by Madlen Ziege
Sheet 1 (Latrine data): Data gained from systematically mapping latrines by two persons walking line transects (app. 5 m apart) across the entire study area within 15 different study sites. Data was collected in the early morning during the reproductive season of rabbits in 2011 (April to September). Sheet 2 (Calculation degree of urbanity): Data stemming from transect counts within study sites (visitors per min and ha), the Einwohnermeldeamt of Frankfurt (residents within 500 m) and the use of ArcGis and map material provided by the city of Frankfurt (percent sealed surface and numbers of anthropogenic objects). Data on rabbit/burrow densities and group sizes respectively have been gained through observation at burrows and the use of ferrets that chased rabbits out of their burrow.