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2. germination data

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posted on 04.04.2019, 03:30 by Michelle D'Aguillo, Brianne Edwards, Kathleen Donohue
Germination date for 5297 individual seedlings observed in our study. Seeds were dispersed in 5 seasonal cohorts over the course of 1 full year (“Dispersal”). Block refers to each of 12 spatial blocks, and row and column represent the spatial position within each block. The majority of the data in this file come from germination pots (“Pot_type”); however, if no seeds germinated in the germination replicate within the block, we included germination data from the life-history pot for that particular genotype and treatment combination. Thus, some “life-history” pots are included in the dataset. Genotype refers to one of eight genotypes included in the study. Mat refers to the temperature (degrees C) experienced by maternal plants before seeds were dispersed. Germ Date represents the date the seedling was first observed in the field. Number of seedlings per pot is calculated for each pot ID, and thus is not unique to each seedling. The experimental design included a dispersal of 15 seeds per pot; however, because seeds are extremely small, in some pots greater than 15 seeds were dispersed.









Arabidopsis thaliana