ABC Model 1 input files

2017-08-09T13:34:26Z (GMT) by Sean D. Schoville Sean M. Rovito
Input files for isolation with no migration model for ABC analysis. These files were generated using ABCToolkit or manually. The files 'arl_run.txt' and 'arl_run.ars' were used to calculated summary statistics in Arlequin. The file 'hydromantesSTR.obs' contains summary statistics for observed data. The file 'hydromantesSTR.par' contains parameters for the coalescence simulation program simcoal. 'hydromantes.input' is the input file for the program ABCSampler. 'ssDefs.txt' contains information on which summary statistics were calculated. The script 'Process_ABC_commands.R' was used to compare models and determine the posterior probability of each.