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Age-structured serology data for Madagascar fruit bats

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posted on 19.04.2019, 03:30 by Cara E. Brook, Hafaliana Ranaivoson, Christopher Broder, Andrew Cunningham, Jean-Michel Heraud, Alison Peel, Louise Gibson, James Wood, Jessica Metcalf, Andy Dobson
The attached .xls file contains all raw data used in the associated publication, "Disentangling serology to elucidate henipa- and filovirus transmission in Madagascar." The dataset identifies all individual bats by a unique sampleID. Each bat is listed multiple times in the dataset, corresponding to different antigens which were serologically surveyed. Each unique sampleID is associated with relevant ecological metadata: site and date of sampling, species, sex, age class (adult vs. juvenile), age in years from cementum annuli tooth analysis, mass in grams, and forearm length in mm. The "kin" column lists the sampleID of dam-pup pairs, such that a dam with a unique sampleID will have her pup's ID listed under the kin column and vice-versa; all animals for which this pairing is not relevant (most) receive an "NA" value in this column. The "recap" column indicates whether an animal was recaptured ("Y" or "N") during our sampling. Seventeen animals in this data subset were recaptured (recap="Y"), and the date of capture can be used to determine which capture event is indicated by a given row in the dataset. Finally, "antigen" givens the antigen tested for a given row in the dataset and "titer" indicates the corresponding MFI value for that Luminex test. Most of the data correspond to researcher = "Brook_et_al" (our research team), though we have also included researcher = "IPM" data used in some of the seasonal analyses. In these cases, no raw serotiter was available, and we list only the result ("seropositive" vs. "seronegative") of the corresponding test (ELISA or SNT).










Pteropus rufus, Rousettus madagascariensis, Eidolon dupreanum