Annotation file of open reading frames from 5 butterfly species

This is an annotation file for open reading frames (ORFs) from five species of heliconiine butterflies. The file includes ORFs from all five species, top BLAST hits, and the ortholog group the ORF belongs to. Column headers are as follows: "Row#" (row number), "Seq_ID" (sequence ID, including: 3 letter species code [Eis = Eueides isabella, Hdo = Heliconius doris, Her = Heliconius erato, Hmel = Heliconius melpomene, Hsa = Heliconius sara], Trinity 'gene' contig ID [e.g., compXXXX_cX], and ORF coordinates within contig), "H-ID" (hit ID), "H-Eval" (hit e-value), "H-Desc" (hit description), "H-Species" (hit species), "H-Type" (hit type), "H-Tag" (hit database), "H-Len" (hit length), and "OM" (orthocluster membership). NOTE: The program TCW produces two BLAST hits: 1. Best e-value, 2. best e-value with best evidence. The ones presented here are number 2.