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Bacteria killing ability data

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posted on 17.12.2019, 16:59 by Benjamin Burrows, Noah Ben-Ezra, Gary Burness
FILE NAME: Bacteria killing ability data File contains bacteria killing ability of plasma samples collected from Japanese quail at various days post-hatch (days 5,20,55). Data were collected by Ben Burrows and Noah Ben-Ezra. Contact for data: Gary Burness COLUMN HEADINGS: Trial number: Two trials of the experiment were run, 1 (starting September 2014) and 2 (starting December 2014). Band number: Individual band ID to tell individuals apart. Treatment: Incubator temperature treatment (Control = 37.5 Celsius; Low = 36.0 Celsius; Cyclical = average temperature was 36 Celsius, but the temperature was allowed to cycle between 37.5 Celsius and 28 Celsius. Age: The age post-hatch at which a blood sample was collected, 1 = day 5 post-hatch; 2 = day 20 post-hatch; 3 = day 55 post-hatch. Sex: F=female, M=male. BKA (%): the percentage of E. coli that were killed (bacteria killing ability) when they were added to an individual’s blood plasma. Day 5 mass (g): Body mass recorded on day 5 (in grams). Day 20 mass (g): Body mass recorded on day 20 (in grams). Day 55 mass (g): Body mass recorded on day 55 (in grams). Mass (g) stacked: All body mass values (in grams), placed in a single column. NOTES: Any additional comments on birds. Missing data are reported as blanks.








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