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Black brant Behavioral Data

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posted on 30.07.2019, 13:51 by Madeleine Lohman, Thomas Riecke, Cheyenne Acevedo, Brian Person, Joel Schmutz, Brian Uher-Koch, James Sedinger
Data was collected on the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska, USA from 1987-2015. Observers stayed in towers with observation blinds and opportunistically selected broods to record behaviors for every minute in an hour. Some observations were shorter or longer than 60 minutes. Data was produced using program R from data collected in the field to calculate the proportion of time an individual spent on a behavior in an observation bout. Column Headers: YEAR is the year data was collected; DATE is the Julian date of the observation in the year data was collected; BAND is the leg band ID of the individual being observed; MBAND is the leg band ID of the brood's observed male; FBAND is the leg band ID of the brood's observed female; NUMGOS is the number of goslings observed; ZERO is the proportion of foraging behavior observed; ONE is the proportion of preening behavior observed; TWO is the proportion of alert while standing behavior observed; FOUR is the proportion of bathing behavior observed; FIVE is the proportion of alert while sitting behavior observed; SEVEN is the proportion of running behavior observed; P is the proportion of walking behavior observed; L is the proportion of aggressive behavior observed; O is the proportion of swimming behavior observed; I is the proportion of resting behavior observed; U is the proportion of unknown behavior observed, often when one member of the brood was out of view; SEX is the sex of the observed individual








Yukon Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska




Branta bernicla nigricans