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posted on 25.11.2019, 02:33 by Michael Lee
File_C7 (plain text). MrBayes executable file for a total-evidence dating analysis of all 86 taxa in the matrix in [6], using 8 separate relaxed clocks (independent gamma rates; 7 for morphology and 1 for molecular data), as found in analysis B-3. The sampled ancestor birth-death tree prior [17], and the Markov model of morphological evolution [18,19], were used. Optimal substitution models and substitution-model-partitions were found with PartitionFinder for molecular data (see C1) and with stepping-stone analysis in MrBayes for morphological data [10]. Numerous (>20) MCMC runs were initially performed for 20 million generations to investigate tuning, mixing and convergence. The final analysis was then performed with 4 runs and the trees from 10 million post-burnin generations retained Note: The burnin for each run varies considerably due to variation in time to reach (apparent) stationarity, from 20 million to 50 million. For computational efficiency, the 4 runs were performed separately and in all cases, the last 10 million steps (after stationarity) were retained. However, the step numbers have been readjusted in file C8 below so they are all identical across runs (ie to a common burnin of 50 million), to facilitate downstream analyses e.g. generating summary statistics in MrBayes.









Mesozoic, Cenozoic


Mammalia, Eutheria, Placentalia