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Camera Trap Detections of Carnivore Species for Co-occurrence Model

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posted on 18.12.2019, 02:36 by Courtney Davis, Lindsey Rich, Zach Farris, Marcella Kelly, Mario Di Bitetti, Yamil Di Blanco, Sebastian Albanesi, Mohammad Farhadinia, Navid Gholikhani, Sandra Hamel, Bart Harmsen, Claudia Wultsch, Mamadou Kane, Quinton Martins, Asia Murphy, Robin Steenweg, S. Sunarto, Atieh Taktehrani, Kanchan Thapa, Jody Tucker, Jesse Whittington, Febri Widodo, Nigel Yoccoz, David Miller
Raw camera trap detections of paired mammalian carnivore species in each of the 13 study areas. Detections of the paired species (Spp1Det and Spp2Det) reflect the number of 24-hr. time periods that species 1 (SppCode1) and species 2 (SppCode2) were detected. Species codes (SppCode1 and SppCode2) were derived from the first two letters of the genus and species name (e.g., EIBA = Eira barbara). Num.nights reflects the number of 24-hr. periods during which the camera trap was active at a particular site. This file can be used to estimate the species interaction factor (SIF) within the species co-occurrence model.








Argentina, Belize, Botswana, Canada, Indonesia, Iran, Madagascar, Nepal, Norway, Senegal, South Africa, U.S.A.