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Cardiff and Solana Beaches Binned Sand Elevations

posted on 21.12.2019, 13:10 by Bonnie C. Ludka, Robert T. Guza, William C. O'Reilly, Mark A. Merrifield, Reinhold E. Flick, Spicer Bak, Tyler J. Hesser, Randy L. Bucciarelli, Corey Olfe, Brian Woodward, William Boyd, Kent Smith, Michele Okihiro, Rob Grenzeback, Lucian Perry, Greg Boyd
Binned sand elevations at Cardiff and Solana Beaches. Raw sand level observations are binned to coordinates aligned with the wave estimates (MOP lines). MOP lines are separated 100m alongshore, and oriented from the 10m depth contour to the backbeach, to approximately follow the curving coastline. Bins centered on MOP lines with 5m cross-shore resolution are filled with median values, suppressing the effect of outliers. All surveys are binned, including surveys with transects not originally aligned to MOP lines and with alongshore spacing less than 100m. The observations are usually smooth over the 50m maximum distance of alongshore projection and 2.5m cross-shore projection. However, raw data should be used to define features with shorter scales (i.e., scarps, reef). Binned alongshore resolution can be adjusted in the repository code (separate download: analysis_code within analysis folder) by using different binning transects, while cross-shore resolution can be adjusted by redefining the "cres" variable. Be cautious with data at depths greater than 8m below MSL, as ocean temperature stratification can contaminate jet ski soundings.





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San Diego, California, Cardiff State Beach, Solana Beach