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Comparison of SNS-Cre/TdT vs. Parv-Cre/TdT neuron expression profiles

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posted on 24.11.2019, 14:39 by Isaac M. chiu, Lee B. Barrett, Erika Williams, David E. Strochlic, Seungkyu Lee, Andy D. Weyer, Shan Lou, Gregory Bryman, David P. Roberson, Nader Ghasemlou, Cara Piccoli, Ezgi Ahat, Victor Wang, Enrique J. Cobos, Cheryl L. Stucky, Qiufu Ma, Stephen D. Liberles, Clifford J. Woolf
Differential expression analysis of microarray data from SNS-Cre/TdTomato+ neurons (n=4) vs. Parv-Cre/TdTomato+ neurons (n=4). Transcripts are ranked by fold-change, with the following information given: Affymetrix ID, genebank accession number, gene symbol, description, average RMA normalized levels, standard deviation, fold-change, p-value and FDR.