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posted on 24.11.2019, 11:40 by Hilmar Hinz, Joan Moranta, Stephen Balestrini, Marija Sciberras, Julia R. Pantin, James Monnington, Alex Zalewski, Michel J. Kaiser, Mattias Sköld, Patrik Jonsson, Francois Bastardie, Jan Geert Hiddink
The data presented in the publication from the Kattegat, except for the isotope (see above), data can be found in Dyrad associated to an earlier publications by the authors: Data from: Bottom trawling affects fish condition through changes in the ratio of prey availability to density of competitors Hiddink JG, Moranta J, Balestrini S, Sciberras M, Cendrier M, Bowyer R, Kaiser MJ, Sköld M, Jonsson P, Bastardie F, Hinz H Date Published: May 31, 2016 DOI: To access the Kattegat data please use the following link




Irish Sea, Kattegat


Nephrops norvegicus, Pleuronectes platessa, Limanda limanda, Nephrops