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Data and R code for running IFM simulations

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posted on 25.11.2019, 03:17 by Sarah Scriven, Kimberly Carlson, Jenny Hodgson, Colin McClean, Robert Heilmayr, Jennifer Lucey, Jane Hill
Zip folder containing raw data and R code for running Incidence Function Model (IFM) simulations. The 'LoopedIFM_SetupScript.R' script runs the IFM simulations in a loop for the 70 New Planting Procedure (NPP) plantation landscapes. Model parameters (e.g., dispersal distance and population density) can be changed in this script. The set-up script also loads the raw data (raster) files ('FinalRaster70NPPsBuffer.tif' and 'FinalRaster70NPPsCurrentBuffer.tif'), which are converted into a dataframe before the IFM simulations are run. The set-up script calls three functions: the 'IFM2_Function.R' script, which is the IFM simulation code, as well as two 'Cardinal Points function' scripts ('CardinalPoints_WithHCVFunctionParallel.R' and 'CardinalPoints_WithNoHCVFunctionParallel.R'), which set up the modeled landscapes over which to run the simulations. Finally, the 'NPP70Centroids.csv' file is required to run the loop and provides NPP plantation IDs and X/Y coordinates of each plantation centroid.








Borneo, Southeast Asia