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Data behind Baron et al 2017 Impacts of thiamethoxam on bumblebee queens

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posted on 29.03.2018, 12:59 by Gemma Baron, Nigel Raine, Mark Brown
The data file contains the raw data for all bumblebee queens that were included in the statistical analyses. The 17 columns present Bee ID (the identification number given to queens, which represents the order in which they were caught), Species (the Bombus species to which they belong), Site (whether they were caught at the Heather Gardens or Saville Gardens within the Windsor Estate), Treatment (the thiamethoxam treatment to which they were exposed), Wax (whether queens laid down wax or not), WaxTime (the day on which waxing was observed), Egg (whether they laid eggs), EggTime (the day on which eggs were laid), Survival (whether the queen survived the experiment), SurvivalTime (the day on which the queen died - given as 29 if she didn't), Average daily syrup consumption (g per day), Size (mm) (Thorax width of bee, Size (mm_) (bee volume), Syrup2 (g/mm_) (syrup consumption corrected for bee size, see paper), Z score for size (standardised and corrected size, see paper), InfectionStatus (whether queens were infected or not), Average terminal oocyte length (mm), Z score for oocyte length (excludes dead queens) (the standardised corrected oocyte length, see paper).










Bombus spp.