Data%20for%20Dryad%20DeLong%20et%20al%202018%20BIOL%20LETT.xlsx (154.9 kB)

Data for Dryad DeLong et al 2018 BIOL LETT

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posted on 04.08.2018, 03:30 by John DeLong, Gwendolyn Bachman, Jean Gibert, Thomas Luhring, Kristi Montooth, Abigail Neyer, Ben Reed
This file is an Excel file with two tabs. The first tab 'Metabolic data' has the data on metabolic rate at each temperature. These are the data making up the thermal performance curves. This tab also has species, original and unit-corrected rates, and information on sources. The second tab 'Meta data set' has the peak metabolic rate, optimal temperature, and organismal data for each curve.