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Data for land use legacy effects on woody vegetation

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posted on 11.04.2018, 03:30 by Girma Shumi, Jannik Schultner, Ine Dorresteijn, Patrícia Rodrigues, Jan Hanspach, Kristoffer Hylander, Feyera Senbeta, Joern Fischer
Three zip-archived, comma delimited csv files with (1) DBH data, (2) species richness data, and (3) species composition data. For (1), columns include site ID, short name of tree species (composed of first three letters of genus name and first three letters of tree species name), tree DBH (in cm), land use history (i.e. permanent or converted farmland), and tree species type (i.e. forest specialist, generalist, or pioneer species). For (2), columns include kebele ID (GBD = Borcho Deka, GKH = Kela Harari, SDM = Difo Mani, SGB = Gido Bere, TBW = Bere Weranigo, and TKF = Kuda Kofi), site ID, land use type, total species richness, total species abundance, forest specialist species richness, forest specialist species abundance, pioneer species richness, pioneer species abundance, generalist species richness, generalist species abundance, proportion of vegetation cover within the site (in %), wetness index, historical (1973) distance (in m), current (2015) distance (in m), land use history (permanent or converted farmland), and altitude (in m above sea level). (3) is a site-by-species abundance matrix with site IDs and species represented by their short name (composed of first three letters of genus name and first three letters of species name).