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Dataset S1. Combined morphology-DNA data matrix in nexus format

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posted on 24.11.2019, 13:23 by David J. Pattinson, Richard S. Thompson, Aleks K. Piotrowski, Robert J. Asher
We compiled a dataset of morphological and molecular characters, sampled at genus level for 24 extant primates and two outgroups. Genera represented in previous studies (Seiffert et al. 2009; Springer et al. 2012) by multiple species were condensed into single terminals in order to minimize missing data. In cases where different species within a genus exhibited different character states, we coded the genus as polymorphic for that character. Condensing taxa to genus-level also has the advantage of improving the tractability of both MP and Bayesian phylogenetic analysis by slightly reducing the number of terminals. We used the alignment of Springer et al. (2012; Treebase accession #S13451) as our molecular dataset, consisting of 61199 nucleotide characters distributed across 69 nuclear and 10 mitochondrial genes. This alignment comprises part of our morphology-DNA data matrix in our supplementary data file S1.







Cenozoic, Eocene


Mammalia, Primates, Haplorhini, Strepsirhini, Darwinius