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Female Mating Behaviour

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posted on 22.05.2019, 03:30 by Alima Qureshi, Andrew Aldersley, Brian Hollis, Alongkot Ponlawat, Lauren Cator
For each focal female we present the data for the timing and outcome of each mating attempt, the timing and duration copula formation, sperm transfer, and winglength. The effect of mating regime and replicate on female mating behaviours (attempt and copula latencies, total attempt durations, total attempt number, copula duration) were assessed using linear mixed models (LMM). Female treatment was incorporated as a fixed effect and replicate as a random effect. We used a GLMM with a binomial response variable and logit link function to assess the effect of female mating regime as a fixed effect and replicate pair and population as random effects on the probability of copula formation and sperm transfer to females in these assay.







Aedes aegypti