Generated Accelerometer data for Simulation Study (Format RData)

Each R-File (Day1-Day1000) contains the list object "data" which contains the complete generated data for a day. The simulations were designed to reflect free living-environment accelerometer observations obtained for children. 1,000 different time series with the length of T=1,440 and an epoch length of 15 seconds were simulated, each representing 6 hours of counts per day. Counts per day were randomly generated using the negative binomial distribution (with parameters r=1 and p=0.0009, resulting in the lowest PA-level μ_1=111.11) and the Gaussian distribution (with the parameters μ_2=400, μ_3=600 and μ_4=900, with σ_2^2=σ_3^2=σ_4^2=10,000) around three or four pre-defined physical activity levels (depending on the random time series generated by a Markov chain).