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Geographical structure of endosymbiotic bacteria hosted by Bathymodiolus mussels at eastern Pacific hydrothermal vents

posted on 24.11.2019, 22:18 by Phuong-Thao Ho, Eunji Park, Soon Gyu Hong, Eun-Hye Kim, Kangchon Kim, Sook-Jin Jang, Robert C. Vrijenhoek, Yong-Jin Won
Sampling region of Bathymodiolus thermophilus and B. antarticus sulfur-oxidizing gammaproteobacteria EPR, East Pacific Rise GAR, Galapagos Rift PAR, Pacific-Antartic Ridge Information of population and geographic groups population group (HA) 11N EPR (HB) 9N EPR (HI) GAR EPR (HC) 7S EPR (HD) 11S EPR (HE) 17S EPR (HF) 23S EPR (HG) 32S PAR (HH) 38S PAR Folder and file information: FASTA folder - 2 folders containing multi loci DNA sequences of all the sampled individuals from 9 populations sorted by Population and Subpopulation (individual host mussel) Arlequin input files (16S) folder - input files used for calculation molecular indices of 16S gene at two levels of Population and Subpopulation Arlequin input files (Funtional genes, Subpopulation) folder - input files used for calculation molecular indices of functional genes at level of Subpopulation (individual host mussel) Input files (Functional genetic data, Population) folder - input files used for calculation of molecular indices of functional genes at level of population, synonymous/nonsynonymous substitutions estimation, symbiont isolation-by-distance test, and nucleotide substitution rate, generating haplotype networks of functional genes Polymorphic tables.xlsx - Polymorphic table of 16S and functional genes used in this study



1350, 7050660




East Pacific Rise, Galápagos Rift, Pacific-Antarctic Ridge


Bathymodiolus thermophilus, Bathymodiolus antarcticus