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Habitat data

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posted on 22.11.2019 by Joana Santana, Porto Miguel, Luis Reino, Francisco Moreira, Paulo Flores Ribeiro, José Lima Santo, John T. Rotenberry, Pedro Beja
Rowname - row identification including the transect code and the time period (T0: 1995-1997, T1: 2010-2012). Transect - Transect code; Farmland_area - low- or high-intensity farmland area; Time_period - 1995-1997 or 2010-2012; woodland - percentage cover by holm woods (Quercus rotundifolia) with >30% tree cover and shrub understory, old eucalyptus plantations with understory, and tree lines; open_woodland - percentage cover by holm woods with >30% tree cover and grassy understory, young plantations without understory; shrubland - percentage cover by shrublands without trees or with scattered trees; streams - percentage cover by streams with vegetation (herbs, shrubs or trees); water_bodies - percentage cover by ponds and reservoirs; arable_land_with_scattered_trees - percentage cover by annual crops with scattered trees (<30% tree cover); annual_dry_crops_and_fallows - percentage cover by non-irrigated annual crops (dry cereals (e.g. wheat, barley) and legumes) in rotation with ploughed fields, stubbles and fallows usually grazed by sheep or cattle; permanent_pastures - percentage cover by grassy vegetation grazed by sheep or cattle; annual_irrigated_crops - percentage cover by irrigated annual crops (corn and sunflower); permanent_crops - percentage cover by permanent irrigated and non-irrigated crops (olive groves and vineyards); human_structures - percentage cover by buildings and asphalt roads; PR_nat - natural habitats richness (no); AREA_MN_nat - mean patch area of natural habitats (ha); ED_nat - edge density of natural habitats (m2/ha); PR_crop - crop richness (no); AREA_MN_crop - mean patch area of crops (ha); ED_crop - edge density of crops (m2/ha).